About Us

Fair Trade and loving it -- Spicy Green Mango believes that globalization doesn’t mean cultural homogenization. That mixing ideas between - across - through cultures, places, and people adds to the amazing kaleidoscope of life, love, and cool clothes! Because life like fashion should be more than the sum of its parts! All clothes made happily in Cambodia by independent seamstresses in a loving and supportive environment. Feel It - Wear It - Be a Part of It.

Spicy Green Mango believes that fairness extends all the way up and down the retail cycle; from how the material was sourced, to the the love and energy put into designing the pieces, and to the people who create the finished pieces. At Spicy Green Mango, we also believe that those who wear Spicy Green Mango clothes carry this energy out into the world!

Spicy Green Mango is a particularly dedicated to women's issues both in the manufacturing of its clothes and in what causes it supports in Cambodia. We support community-based manufacturing so that the young women who sew our clothes can stay close to their families and children and we ensure that everyone gets a fair living wage to take home. We also invest in developing the skills and careers of those women who put together our clothes to ensure that Spicy Green Mango's success is their success too but more over that we believe that having empowered, successful women is a critical part of a societies overall healthiness and happiness.